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About Me

IT Professional - Product Owner - Virtual Assistant


I'm a young bilingual entrepreneur that decided to start building my dreams by following my passion that is TECHNOLOGY and PEOPLE. I want to help others to see the advantages on using technology in their everyday life and business and to exploit the best options to improve their everyday operations as individual and business.

My objective is to be engaged with each client and project. I understand many companies struggle with technology and I believe that just like my company name 'VITAL" my services and help are VITAL for your business. I can help you with any tasks that can range from the smallest administrative tasks and IT services to something bigger like building your own app, develop your own website, personal training or ERP implementation. I understand a wide variety of industries that's why I can assure you that my skills are very unique. I understand the client, the user and the development side and I will make sure I understand your needs to deliver what you or your company need.

Throughout my young adult years, I held various positions while employed in multiple organizations of varied business functions, but my work was always IT related and that is something that I enjoy a lot. I have 10+ years of experience in executive administrative staff positions providing support to managers and executives in a manufacturing and customer services platform with varied operational and field responsibilities. Additionally, I have several years of experience in system administration as well as implementation and management of ERP systems, portals, websites with coordinated applications and expert-level proficiency in multiple operating systems.

Let me brake that taboo that many individuals have against technology and teach you and your team how the use of technology can improve your business exponentially. Having your own website is possible, implementing an ERP system sounds scary and overwhelming but trust me is also possible, having your own app is possible, learning a new skill is possible, managing all travel arrangement, meetings, etc is possible. All of these and more sometime overwhelming tasks are all possible and I can help you with all these.

I am professional yet easy to work with.

Extremely Capable

Your investment in a network or new business software should include the confidence and trust in an individual capable of setting up and securing your network or package for your company or office setting. I can tell you from experience, this young lady is personable, insanely brilliant, and extremely capable of handling your immediate needs including training and writing documentation and procedures. I have previous work experience with Ms. Leanos, I can tell you she is dedicated, extremely talented, and has a verifiable work ethic, one that will get your job completed per your contract or specifications.

L. A. Diaz

HSE Manager

PfP Industries (Retired)

Let’s Start Working Together!

Work Experience

February 2019 – Present

August 2015 - August 2016

Oversee everyday operations of WORK systems. Manage set-up installation, troubleshooting and evaluation of system performance and maintenance. Supervise all stages of product creation including design, updates and development as well as manage the product backlog and prioritizing based on changing client requirements. Manage our team of system specialists, which includes five IT professionals charged with creating user manuals, providing on-site training for all potential clients including updates to the system software as needed. I am also an Executive Liaison of the WORK Technologies President and handle all administrative tasks.

Answer calls and e-mail from customers to determine the appropriate course of action to enable a prompt resolution of the caller’s problem. Provide first-line technical support solutions during published support hours.

Monitor progress of open work orders and maintain solution database. Developed and Manage multiple websites.

Troubleshoot software-related issues over the phone by using remote desktop capabilities utilizing TrackIT! Create, maintain, and troubleshoot employee and student computer user accounts. Update and maintain departmental website, equipment inventory database, and E-Surplus.

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